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Spice Rub 4-Pack

Spice Rub 4-Pack

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Includes Show-Me Caribbean, Show-Me Heat, Show-Me All Purpose, and Show-Me Bar-B-Q rubs.


Spice up your favorite meal with this versatile seasoning. It can be added to rubs and marinades before cooking, shaken on while cooking, or sprinkled on at the table. Kick it up a notch by finishing with Show-Me Some Heat Bar-B-Q Sauce.


This aromatic, sweet and spicy seasoning is the favorite among pit-masters for chicken, It also pairs wonderfully with fish and seafood. With its unique earthy flavors and sweet to soft-spicy undertones, Show-Me Caribbean will bring life and hints of the tropics to your dishes.


All Purpose

Our seasonings are versatile and bring out the flavor of countless foods, but Show-Me All-Purpose is truly Universal. Enhance vegetables, potatoes, salads, soups. Mix it in with burger meat before making patties, add it to chili for a bold flavor, season meats and fish; the list goes on but we'll save some for the recipe book.


Bar-B-Q Rub

The first seasoning to come out of the Show-Me kitchen. This rich, sweet, smoky seasoning is the rub of choice within the community of veteran pit-masters. Highly regarded as the Rub of Choice, this blend’s flavor resembles Dr. Berrier’s first masterpiece.
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